What is a Nutrition Training Session?


We currently have two coaches hosting the nutrition training sessions.

  1. Coach Jack – Owner of all CTG subsidiary companies.
  2. Coach Shea – Head of CTG Nutrition

Anywhere in the World

Coach Jack is still playing college basketball. So some sessions can certainly be through FaceTime. These nutrition training sessions can apply to anyone in the WORLD!

Payment Options

Training packages are what CTG has done since it was first founded. This is where you buy a “pack” of sessions, giving you the ability to use your sessions whenever you want. Once those sessions have been used up, you are given the option to buy more. We have found this payment method to be the most effective for both parties because of its flexibility. It is totally okay to miss a week or two of training with packs. This allows you to be extremely flexible with schedules to get your son/daughter in for training. However, when we take on new CTG students, the expectation is to see the student on a fairly weekly basis. It is not helpful when your child consistently misses nutrition training sessions. 

How it Works: 

Think of CTG’s nutrition training sessions the same way we approach our physical component of basketball training. Sending them home with nutritional activities to do daily to increase their energy output throughout their sport and life.

Each session lasts 45 minutes. Data will be recorded throughout each session, so no matter how often or how consistently you are going to use your packs, we will always be able to pick up right where we left off.

We have a progressively built curriculum that can be personalized to whatever nutritional aspect of sports/life your child/athlete is struggling with. We know the exact nutrition training activities to assign to he or she’s given problem.

Free New Members Session

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For every new CTG member that you bring in, you receive $50!

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