CTG Nutrition
includes elite eating. elite fuel. elite physical and cognitive functioning.

Do you struggle getting your child to fuel their body the right way? Or maybe even yourself? If so, CTG Nutrition can change your child’s life through nutrition FOR physical AND cognitive functioning.

CTG Nutrition is a sports nutrition company located in many different areas across the country, however, the source of the company started in Wisconsin USA. CTG Nutrition can also be for non-athletes. What makes us different? We know how to maximize results for all different body types and lifestyles not only to improve the physical condition but also cognitive condition. The mind is drastically affected by the way you are fueling your body…

CTG Nutrition’s mission is to help move forward in pioneering the mental fitness revolution. Increasing physical fitness, happiness, and well-being through how you fuel your body. You can shape any life you want through the art of fueling yourself with YOUR body type, personality, and lifestyle.

We are targeting parents of all athletes and nonathletes looking to improve their physical and cognitive abilities through nutrition. Parents this is definitely NOT only limited to youth. You are certainly welcome to do sessions as well. 🙂 The only reason CTG likes to target the youth, is because presenting this knowledge to the youth will drastically change the outcome of society and the world. Amazing results don’t only occur in their sport, but our students see it translate to all aspects of their life.

CTG’s reputation and credibility has a cumulative total of over:

  • 300+ five star google reviews
  • Over 20 thousand+ podcast downloads
  • Over 125 thousand+ social media following
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Our Sports Nutrition Sessions


We currently have CTG Nutrition coaches hosting nutritional training sessions in-person in these locations ALL OVER THE WORLD. All of these have worked for students in the past within a one hour radius.

  1. Janesville, Wisconsin (Coach Jack)
  2. Billings, Montana (Coach Brielle)

Anywhere in the World

All sessions can be done through zoom if our in person sessions aren’t available in your location. You can have the opportunity to rewire your fueling habits no matter where you are from!

Free New Members Session

Don’t want to commit to a purchase without first trying CTG Nutrition? No problem! ANY NEW member of CTG Nutrition’s first session is absolutely FREE. All you have to do is sign up for the waitlist above.

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300+ Cumulative 5 Star Google Reviews